Beautiful and sustainable storage with wooden lockers

Wooden lockers, discover the Stack locker concept

De Lockerfabriek has wooden lockers that provide secure storage. De Lockerfabriek is experienced in providing wooden lockers for schools and universities, as well as for offices and healthcare institutions. In each of the mentioned places, there is a need for privacy. As a student, you don’t want to lug your heavy books around all day. Flexible office workers need a personal space to store their coat and bag, and students also want the opportunity to put their bags away every now and then. Our wooden lockers are well-secured and bring a neat and tidy look to the interior.

The Stack locker cabinet is just as versatile within an arrangement as our steel or solid core lockers.

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Wooden lockers are an interior element in their own right

Lockers are more than just a safe place to store personal and/or valuable items. Lockers are usually located at a central point in the building where people meet, and therefore they determine the appearance and atmosphere. The range of options offered by De Lockerfabriek ensures that the lockers fit in well with the house style or vision of any institution.

Lockers no longer have to be an inconvenient obstacle, tucked away in a dark corner with little supervision. Quite the opposite: with our Seat, Meet & Storage concept, lockers are often used as an interior element in their own right! We combine them with tables, train benches, chairs and stools, for example, to create a complete furnishing concept. With this additional function, they can be used to brighten up an environment or, for example, to create desired walking routes. Storage therefore not only offers functional possibilities, but can also contribute to a pleasant and beautiful environment. To be of inspiration in this area, we have our own studio and collaborate with renowned interior manufacturers.

Wooden lockers increasingly popular

Everyone knows the traditional steel locker cabinets. De Lockerfabriek offers more. In line with market demand and interior trends, we also offer wooden lockers. Metal and wood processing takes place in our own factories in the Netherlands. Here, we make strong locker frames, sturdy hinges and reliable locks. For example, the Stack locker cabinet. Both the wooden and metal locker cabinets are high-quality, sturdy and sustainable. What’s the difference? Well, that’s in the appearance of the lockers. Together, we will determine which look suits the available space.

Beautiful and sustainable storage with wooden lockers

A sustainable choice

Sustainable business is in our genes. It covers the entire process from raw materials to the return and recycling of supplied products. A long life span, modular design and pro-actively contributing to a better working environment and society are also part of this process.

  • All lockers are produced in our own factories in the Netherlands, which keeps transport to a minimum. This saves 30% to 40% of CO2 emissions compared to products imported from Asia.
  • Production in the Netherlands stimulates employment and the local economy.
  • Our waste is reduced to a minimum because we reuse residual materials.
  • The lockers are made from as few different materials as possible, making them easy to separate and reuse.
  • Wooden components are made from PEFC or FSC® certified wood sourced in sustainably managed forests in Western Europe.
  • The production locations of De Lockerfabriek are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and operate in compliance with ISO 26000 (quality management, environmental management and corporate social responsibility).
  • The focus of product development is on the sustainability of the lockers and the use of locking systems.

Wooden Stack lockers

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