VECOS and The Locker Factory: optimal combination of security and appearance

With an electronic locker comes well-functioning software. This is provided by the market leader in electronic locker systems in the Netherlands: VECOS. Through VECOS’ locker management system, school lockers are efficiently managed, and various organizations can effectively handle storage spaces. The Locker Factory collaborates with VECOS to deliver the most optimal school lockers and lockers.

The Locker Factory and VECOS Through the collaboration with VECOS, The Locker Factory delivers secure lockers of the highest quality. The lockers come from their own factory. The system behind the locker locks is provided by VECOS. Unique to this combination is the integration of beautiful lockers – fitting into your corporate interior – with a secure and privacy-sensitive locking technique. When designing the locker, consideration is given to the integrated lock. One plus one equals two: a beautiful appearance and efficient use of lockers and space. ‘Meet, seat and storage’, that’s what it’s all about.

Want to know what we can add for you with our locking systems?

VECOS in education

Lockers in secondary schools, colleges, and universities are indispensable. The Locker Factory is happy to brainstorm long-term solutions. Keeping up with technological developments is part of that. From the quality of the material and construction of the lockers to the locks themselves. The sustainability of our lockers also lies in VECOS’ locker management system. Opening lockers with a student card or mobile phone: with this progressive system, it’s all possible.

Locker management system as a response to the New Way of Working Lockers are also part of the facilities in today’s workplace. A flexible workspace requires flexible storage spaces. By choosing a locker with the VECOS locking system, you effectively manage available lockers. Lockers change users daily without the need for administrator intervention. Usage is tailored to needs and activities, entirely in line with the New Way of Working. The Locker Factory, together with the client, determines the appearance of the lockers. As a prominent feature of flexwork offices, they are allowed to be seen.

Time and space saving

Students, learners, and employees are becoming less tied to fixed workspaces. One of the reasons for this change is the evolving storage needs. Fixed lockers are being exchanged for electronic VECOS locks, allowing for better alignment of lockers. Experience shows that fewer lockers are needed than one might think. With this new locker management system, daily involvement of the administrator is not necessary. Manual reprogramming when changing ownership is no longer required. Users can manage this themselves with a personal card or smartphone.

Interested? Or would you like to know more about the electronic locker management system or our collaboration with VECOS? We’ll tell you all about it. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with De Lockerfabriek