With the wide range of material finishes, colors, and color combinations available, our lockers can already be well coordinated with the aesthetic of any space. However, for a truly personalized locker setup, there is an increasing trend towards the sustainable sublimation of a chosen image onto the locker doors. By giving each door a part of the image, all the doors together form a large image across the entire setup.

Sublimation is a unique technique where each image, photo, or pattern is printed in reverse on transfer paper using special ink. This paper is then wrapped around the locker doors. The doors are then placed under pressure in an oven, allowing the ink in gas form to penetrate the coating. As the surface cools, a closed coating forms, allowing the image to fully integrate into the material. This makes the images on the locker doors scratch-resistant, colorfast, resistant to atmospheric influences, and low maintenance. Moreover, this innovative technique is sustainable: all base materials, protective layers, coatings, and prints meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

Images with foil

Another way to apply images to locker doors is by using foil. Unlike sublimation, this method is also applicable to our wooden Stack lockers. We collaborate with partners who have years of experience in this field. They design and process the images, creating a grid with a separate image for each door.

In addition to applying images, it’s also possible to add numbering using cutting foil on the lockers. Compared to standard numbering, this often provides a more luxurious appearance and offers the option to choose from various fonts and sizes.

Pattern usage

Make a statement with your locker setup by incorporating patterns. Whether it’s organizing the colors of the doors in stripes, random patterns, or adding an accent color here and there, it gives each setup its own unique look. Mixing textured paints and decors also provides a completely different look and feel. Through our color scheme plan, we provide a preview of the final design during the pre-project phase and are happy to inspire you.

Lockers boring? Not with lockers from de Lockerfabriek.

Together with you, we explore how we can seamlessly integrate our lockers into your interior design.

Product Features


  • Lockers with a contemporary look
  • Images on both wooden and steel lockers
  • Numbering through cutting foil
  • Sublimation images as scratch-resistant as powder coating
  • Colors of the doors in patterns or bonds


Colors and decors

Product sheets