Electronic locking systems

De Lockerfabriek works with reputable suppliers of (electronic) locking systems. Because the possibilities of unlocking and management have grown tremendously in recent years, it is important that a proper inventory is made so that needs and functionalities are matched. De Lockerfabriek works closely with Vecos, Digilock and Eurolocks, among others.
In short whether it is a complete smart locker management system, electronic locking systems with RFID or just a key, we always have the right locking system for your lockers.

The digital locking system: Versa

Versa’s electronic locking system comes from our partner Digilock. Digilock is the market leader in high-quality electronic locking systems for lockers. The Digilock Versa locking system is electronic, attractive, modern and robust in design. The user-friendly battery-operated stand-alone PIN code lock is easy to open and close using a 4-digit PIN code. In addition to a PIN code lock, it is also available with RFID operation. Both locks are lock adjustable for both changing and regular users. For the colors, you have a choice of standard brushed chrome or black. The locks are easy to manage with a Manager Key and Master Key which come standard with the locker cabinets.

What makes our electronic locking systems?

The digital locking system comes standard with countdown clock function, adjustable to various time codes for automatic opening (for example, after eight, ten or twelve hours), but also available with a real time function. Opening and closing of the door takes place by means of the lever on the lock. The locks are available in vertical and horizontal versions.
The locking system is equipped with LED indicator lights on front, for example to indicate low battery voltage. The locks are supplied including 2 lithium CR2450 long-life button batteries. The locks are available in combination with the Bricks and Stack locker cabinets.


Lockers are very important for students and staff. They need to function properly and be secure, especially with the ever-increasing use of tablets, laptops and phones. As the market leader in electronic locker systems, Vecos offers top quality, secure and user-friendly solutions. Lockers change users regularly. With the Vecos system, you can easily arrange this yourself.

Some advantages of the Vecos locking system:

  • Lockers can be operated from anywhere.
  • Students or employees open and close the electronic school lockers with their student card or smartphone.
  • Through the software, the administrator has direct access to all log information.
  • Applicable to the Bricks and Stack locker cabinets.

The extremely easy manageable locking system: Mech

In addition to various battery locks, Digilock also offers the Mech locking system, a solid mechanical combination lock. This lock is operated by 4-digit numeric interface, making it extremely simple to use. These locks are available for both alternating and fixed use. The metal housing mounts flush in a vertical position. The locks are extremely easy to manage. With the included Manager Keys, they can always be opened in an emergency and if the code is forgotten, the locks are easy to reset with the included tool.
This lock can be used in locations where 230v powered locks are not a possibility and key management is not desirable. The Mech locks are simple but easy to use, battery-free and very intuitive.

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What are you looking for an electronic locking system for?

Digilock electronic locking systems are widely applicable in any sector. Consider, for example, lockers for schools or lockers to store laptops. We supply digital locking systems with lockers for healthcare institutions, offices and companies locking systems that seamlessly meet the necessary requirements and specifications. Customization and efficiency are our top priorities. Unsure if we can do anything for you? Get in touch!

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Surely not an electronic locking system?

Looking for a locking system with a long service life? Then we recommend the UGL cylinder lock. The lock comes with two keys, falling under a master key system. The unique feature of this cylinder lock is that the profile of the key is not on the outside, but on the inside. This is less wear and tear sensitive, which ensures that the personal belongings stored in the locker are safe. In addition, the key has no sharp beard which also adds to the comfort in the pocket.