Wat wilt u kiezen?

Storing things in changing rooms

Obviously, privacy is important in every changing room. However, this often complicates surveillance, making safe storage of your personal belongings even more important. In our Bricks and Stack lockers, you can safely store your valuables and hang your clothes away without having to iron them afterwards. The 2-compartment columns are equipped with a rod with coat hooks and our 1-compartment lockers even have a shelf. Are there other furnishing requirements for the changing room? We work with several suppliers to deliver a turnkey project.

Clothing lockers

Storage of small personal belongings

When users prefer not to take personal belongings into the classroom, concert hall or workplace, we offer smaller storage areas with optimal security features. Depending on the choice and configuration of the locking system, more efficient and dynamic use of the lockers is possible.

Phone lockers

Storing and charging laptops

Convenient, storing your laptop at your flex workplace during lunch. And how convenient it is to have it, just like you, fully charged after the break? Our lockers facilitate this feature. By equipping them with a 230v socket, any device can be charged. Should charging a smart-device be enough, a USB port often suffices; in some cases, this option is integrated in the locking system. We will gladly tell you what the options are.

Laptop lockers

Lockers tailored to the look of each space

Lockers tailored to the look of each space

Obviously, our lockers are beautiful in their own right, but to give them even more appeal, we have various options when it comes to visualisations. Together with one of our consultants and our in-house design studio, we will be happy to help you personalise the configurations to match the furnishings, atmosphere or corporate identity.

sublimation on lockers

Tailor-made locker configuration