Smart lockers

More and more schools and businesses are moving to electronic smart lockers. De Lockerfabriek has partnered with VECOS to provide unique user-friendly school lockers and locker cabinets. Lockers with combination locks and cylinder locks with keys are becoming a thing of the past. Lock technologies are getting more sophisticated. Electronic locking systems are no longer the exception. Central management, no more forgotten codes or lost keys and reduced vulnerability to fraud. Electronic locker management creates a safe and efficient storage environment.

Curious about what advantages Locker management can offer you?

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Smart lockers are less vulnerable to fraud

Loss or theft of keys is no longer an issue. Keys cannot be forged and the codes can no longer be misused. One of the advantages of our smart lockers is that staff no longer need to remember codes. From the central locker system, cards can be blocked in case of loss or theft. All in all, electronic locking systems are less vulnerable to fraud. Moreover, complicated management of keys is no longer a problem.

Smart lockers for schools

In schools, students are allocated a dedicated locker at the start of the school year. The chip of a personal RFID student card is read, after which access to the locker is granted. Easy to do with our smart locker management system. Using this system, the caretaker can register students and make changes within seconds. Any problems with a locker? This too is resolved from the central system. Whether it’s about students having access to a dedicated personal school locker or corporate lockers with daily changing dynamic storage: assigning and opening them is always just as easy.

Smart lockers are less vulnerable to fraud

It has never been easier to manage smart lockers thanks to our electronic locking system. The locking system reads a number combination and students/employees can open their locker in no time.
Fewer lockers are needed thanks to more dynamic deployment. The advanced locker management system allows you to book a smart locker with your phone. Electronic locker management guarantees a safe haven for your personal belongings every day. Choose a locker, use it during the day and make it available again for the next user when the day is done.

Your partner from orientation to assembly

From orientation to assembly: you can rely on us for the entire smart locker production process. We work together with VECOS for this purpose. We integrate the underlying software for smart locker management into school lockers and locker cabinets with attractive designs. After installation, we do not leave you before we have provided you with the necessary instructions for easy use. You will experience for yourself how easy the management system works.
A storage environment that is easy to use for the owner and can be managed centrally in an efficient way? That’s the smart locker management system. Would you like to know more about this locking system and its benefits? Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to inform you.