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School lockers

We offer storage solutions for both students and staff in education. Whether it’s a backpack, specialised tools in vocational training or a teacher’s locker with a mailbox function. For uncluttered entrances and corridors of primary schools and day-care centres, traditional coat hooks are increasingly making way for our lockers, with or without locking system. Our lockers are suitable for every educational environment from nursery to higher education.

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From primary school to university

Our school lockers are suitable for use in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges or universities thanks to the wide range of sizes available. Low lockers are tailored to the height of primary school students, while higher and often somewhat deeper school lockers in secondary schools work just fine. Students at colleges and universities can safely store their belongings in a student locker. This allows them to take breaks or work in the library undisturbed.

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School lockers with a focus on quality, sustainability and efficiency

With our lockers, we cater to schools and companies looking for quality solutions. You are investing in efficiency, sustainability and security for the long term. School lockers made by De Lockerfabriek are modular and compound built. Easy to deliver, install and adapt to your needs and the available space.
At De Lockerfabriek we believe in sustainability and circularity. The production process of the metal and wooden school lockers takes place entirely in the Netherlands, i.e. close to the market. This way, we try to keep fuel consumption and carbon emissions as low as possible. Production waste is recycled and the final products are also 100% recyclable. We do not compromise on quality, making both wooden and metal school lockers long-lasting.

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From primary school to university

In addition to standard sizes, we also offer custom-made school lockers. Our school lockers are available in different compartment depths, heights and widths. We can do this because production of the lockers takes place entirely in our own factories in the Netherlands. Good communication is important here. Effective cooperation between the various production branches, but also communication with you will result in the desired locker.
Apart from the fact that we are flexible in the dimensions of each school locker, we also offer solutions for areas with a more sophisticated look-and-feel. These types of lockers are frequently used in teachers’ rooms. Here, we can match any look you want with our beautifully finished wooden Stack concept. These lockers can also be used as mailboxes or pigeonholes for (confidential) documents.

schoollocker met geïntegreerd locker management systeem

Central management with the locker management system

The days of losing keys and forgetting codes are over. The smart locker management system by VECOS ensures that the locks work completely electronically and can be opened with a student card or special app on the smartphone. And we all know: young people never ever lose sight of their smartphone. Both the management and use of this system is simple and no previous technical knowledge is required. Pupils and students will be comfortable with their school lockers in no time.


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