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One of the first jobs we had the opportunity to do and in cooperation with Eromesmarko. Some of the lockers were provided with an image on the doors by means of foil. For the other lockers we chose a pattern with purple, green, white and light and dark blue doors. By placing low arrangements in the middle of the room, they get a double purpose. Thus, they provide routing through the space and the whole remains orderly. Where high rows of lockers leave room for undesirable behavior, here it is clear at a glance what is happening in the room. The nearly 1900 locker boxes delivered are all equipped with the Vecos V1 locking system.

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Type: Bricks
Article number: BE195-30-5DD & BE123-30-3DD
Steel colors: Aluminium metallic
Locking system: Vecos V1
Version: Seat, Meet & Storage en visualisaties

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