Phone lockers

A common request is the safe storage of mobile phones or other small items, perhaps in addition to wardrobe or clothes lockers. In this way, users have the option of storing items closer to their workplace.
We offer phone lockers for this purpose. We offer our phone lockers and locking systems together with our partners Vecos, Digilocks and Eurolocks. Vecos’ wired system with dynamic allocation allows lockers in wardrobes and for mobile phones to be used simultaneously if desired, of course all other settings are also possible. When no power supply is available, a battery lock from Digilock for varying users can also provide the solution.

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By cooperating with VECOS, De Lockerfabriek offers secure phone lockers of the highest quality. The mini-lockers are made in our own factory. VECOS supplies the system behind the locker locks. What makes this combination unique is the merger of beautiful lockers – matching your company style – and secure and privacy-sensitive locking technology. The integrated lock is incorporated into the design of the locker. One and one is two: beautiful appearance and efficient use of mini-lockers and space. ‘Meet, seat and store’, that’s what it’s all about.

More information on phone lockers?

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Phone lockers in education are essential

Lockers in secondary schools, colleges and universities are essential. De Lockerfabriek is always happy to contribute to long-term solutions. This includes evolving in line with technical developments. From the quality of the material and the construction of the phone lockers to the locks. In fact, the sustainability of our lockers is also featured in the VECOS e-lockers. Opening lockers with a student card or smartphone: this advanced system does it all.
Saving time and space
Pupils, students and employees are less and less likely to have their own permanent workstation. Over the years, storage needs have changed. Permanent lockers are exchanged for electronic VECOS locks that allow for better coordination of mini-lockers. Based on experience, it seems that fewer lockers are required than one might think. With this new system of locker management, daily involvement of the manager is not required. After all, manual reprogramming when changing owners is no longer necessary. Users can manage this individually with a personal card or a smartphone.
Interested? Would you like to know more about phone lockers or our cooperation with VECOS? We are here to tell you all about it. Make an informal appointment with De Lockerfabriek.

Product Features


  • “Vandal-proof” mini lockers that work well in rooms with little supervision.
  • Single-compartment columns come with a shelf and rod with coat hooks as standard.
  • Columns with two compartments are equipped with a rod and coat hooks as standard.
  • Optionally available with a perforated back panel for ventilation and additional shelving.
  • Doors and walls have a smooth finish and are easy to clean.
  • Available with various locking systems.
  • Every arrangement is placed on adjustable skirting boards.
  • Solid hinge pins, 7mm thick.
  • Nearly 100% recyclable after use.
  • Long lifespan thanks to high quality.

Colors and decors

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