Our approach

From locker request to completion

With every locker request, our consultants will be happy to discuss the most suitable solution and configuration. Obviously, we will discuss all the options currently available in locker land. This may concern lockers, furnishing components, visualisation and locking systems, but also, for example, the possibility of renting lockers to in-house users. We can then create a colour design in consultation with an interior designer or our own design studio. After that we will send a non-binding quotation with a project specification.

Projectbegeleiding door lockerspecialisten

At De Lockerfabriek, we work with a dedicated project team for each project. This team includes a project consultant and a project manager supplemented by an expert on the chosen locking system and a delegation from the organisation. This helps efficient cooperation and simplifies agreements. This team is continuously involved in the project from day one and is responsible for its implementation and after-sales service.

Plan of action

We work with a well-established and proven plan of action that safeguards the quality and sustainability of services and we adapt it to the size and complexity of the demand. We support organisations throughout the entire furnishing process: from consultation and planning to delivery, installation, completion and evaluation. Even afterwards, we continue to support organisations to the best of our ability with adequate aftercare and service provision. Communication is key throughout this process, making sure that everyone knows what to expect and what they can rely on. That is also why there is a consultation moment at every stage; the matters discussed and agreements made are communicated after every contact moment.

What is your locker Question?

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