Lockers for every educational environment

Lockers for primary education

Traditional coat hooks in primary schools and nurseries are more and more replaced by our lockers. They make storing things much more accessible for children. From backpacks to lunch boxes, coats or friendship books. Lockers at primary schools or playgroups are available with or without a locking system. Discover the options for lockers in primary education. Discover the options for lockers in primary education.

Lockers for secondary education

Lockers in secondary education are a must. We offer storage solutions for both students and staff in secondary schools. Whether it is lockers for personal belongings such as telephones, clothes lockers for the gym or teacher lockers with a mailbox. Our lockers can also be fitted with various locking systems to suit the needs and requirements of different users and functions. In addition to providing traditional ‘street’ arrangements, we also like to collaborate on solutions to make locker rooms even more pleasant and secure.



Lockers for higher education

We offer storage solutions for both students and staff in higher education. Everything from backpacks to specialised tools in vocational training. . We offer optional power outlets in the lockers to safely store devices such as laptops. This provides optimal support in today’s educational landscape. Where digitisation is becoming increasingly important. Where digitisation is becoming increasingly important.



Lockers made to measure

Looking for tool lockers at vocational training or a teacher locker with mailbox function? We customise it for you!

Student-proof lockers with dent prevention guarantee

Lockers in educational institutions, especially in learning plazas or other locations frequented by many students or pupils, often have a hard time. That is why we use our student-proof steel ‘Bricks’ lockers made of robust steel with an impact- and scratch-resistant powder coating in these places. Within the education sector, Bricks is an established name within trusted storage. For example, the adjustable skirting board, roof and side walls are integrated into the steel shell and cannot be removed without the right tools. A door limiter attached to the body prevents doors from opening beyond 95° and damaging adjacent doors. . Each door is attached with its own hinge pin of 7 mm, so they do not bend even when sitting or standing on the door. We also use our heavy-duty locker door with two 2.00- and 1.25-mm-thick sections made especially for use in schools. This allows us to offer a dent prevention guarantee even with high intensity school use.

Lockers for every room, made to measure

We offer a suitable locker solution for every space. Looking for a locker with a high-quality look and feel for the teachers’ room, for example? We can match any look you want with our beautifully finished wooden Stack concept. And for changing rooms, steel or solid core lockers are the right choice. . With 1,2 or Z-door locker cabinets that can optionally be complemented with shoe lockers and/or small compartments for storing small personal belongings. Start your configuration for a suitable storage solution today.

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