Lockers for healthcare

Safe and reliable lockers for 24/7 environments

Storage facilities for staff, patients and visitors

In 24/7 environments such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the demands on lockers are high in terms of security, back office and reliability of the cabinets and systems. De Lockerfabriek meets these requirements with robust locker cabinets that can be fitted with a wide variety of reliable locking systems. Since these environments involve staff, patients and visitors all wanting to use the storage facilities in their own way, with different requirements in terms of locking systems, it is possible to, for example, create a combination of different systems.

Specifically for changing rooms

Specifically for staff changing rooms, we have steel, wooden or solid-core lockers for every type of use. For the wardrobe, we offer 1-door, 2-door and Z-door lockers which can optionally be combined with shoe lockers and/or small compartments for storing small personal belongings. In addition to providing traditional ‘street’ arrangements, we also like to collaborate on solutions to make changing rooms even more pleasant and secure.

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Specifically for changing rooms

Easy hygienic cleaning of locker arrangements is an important requirement in healthcare environments. Lockers made by De Lockerfabriek feature flat doors and materials that are easy to keep clean, with no protrusions or seams in which dirt can accumulate.

These lockers found their place in healthcare

Complete design

Spaces are more and more furnished with flexible furniture that is easily adapted to changing user requirements without high costs. Our Seat, Meet & Storage concept is the perfect match. This modular concept is a combination of our lockers with other Fair Furniture Group furniture, such as high chairs and tables, lounge sofas and footstools. Because there are so many options to choose from, we always manage to create a suitable design with storage for every room. By combining our storage options with a wide range of other functions, we always create a unique furniture landscape that perfectly complements any office, healthcare or education environment.

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