A safe storage solution for every institution, room, function and type of user

A safe storage solution for every institution, room, function and type of user

De Lockerfabriek offers secure storage solutions for every institution, room, function and type of user. We have a wide range of standard designs to provide a suitable solution for every location. From a traditional arrangement where lockers are arranged in ‘streets’ or grouped together at central locations to the many other innovative design options we offer.

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Lockers as part of the overall design, pleasant and safe

Nowadays, lockers are often located in the central (meeting) areas of a building. As a result, they make an important contribution to the atmosphere and appearance. For this reason, we do not consider lockers as ‘obstacles’ to be hidden away in a dark corner with little supervision, but as eye-catching design elements that can be used to create a pleasant and safe environment in every room. Connecting to the atmosphere of the room, the building and the organisation is essential. We achieve this by offering numerous possibilities in terms of colours, materials and images. Durable sublimation of an illustration of your choosing in the paint coating is a popular option. In addition, we can provide a total design where the lockers are included in arrangements that also facilitate meeting, learning and working with concepts such as Seat, Meet & Storage.

All storage solutions created in our own design studio

Our in-house design studio is involved in the process, providing practical recommendations and creating the locker arrangement that best suits the interior. They are there to support and unburden you, from colour impression to complete interior design. They are also happy to think along with you on any specific interior design issues. Our studio is ready to be challenged! With every order, we provide a numbering plan, colour plan and detailed locker layout. These will give you an impression of what the final interior will look like. In addition, this will serve as your guide to the successful completion of the project.

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