Laptop lockers

From smartphone to bicycle batteries, we have an increasing number of electrical devices that we want to store and charge safely. When it comes to a 230V device or charger, we offer the option of fitting our Bricks lockers with a KEMA-approved socket in the locker compartment. Whenever the user wants to charge his device, he can simply use a common wall mounted socket. In more and more locations, the use of so-called smart-devices is common practice, for example tablets and smartphones. These devices can be charged using USB low-voltage points. Selecting a suitable locking system can be an important part here too. We are more than happy to help you make the right choice.

Laptop lockers with charging function at your school or office too?

Tell us which device you want to charge and we will offer you the best solution.

Product Features


  • “Vandal-proof” lockers that work well in rooms with little supervision.
  • Single compartment columns with shelf and rod with coat hooks as standard.
  • Columns with two compartments fitted with a rod and coat hooks as standard.
  • Optionally available with perforated back panel for ventilation and additional shelving.
  • Doors and walls have a smooth finish and are easy to clean.
  • Available with various locking systems.
  • Every arrangement placed on adjustable skirting boards.
  • Solid hinge pins, 7mm thick.
  • Nearly 100% recyclable after use.
  • Long life span thanks to high quality.

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laptop locker gebruik

A laptop locker for work or school? No problem!

De Lockerfabriek caters to the needs of all types of organisations when it comes to laptop lockers. We supply all the desired configurations and are happy to collaborate with you when purchasing laptop lockers. Whether you have a workforce of 100 employees or wish to personalise a single laptop locker, we can make it happen. We are your point of contact throughout the entire process. We facilitate this in part by working with Fair Furniture Group’s corporate partners. Get in touch and discover the possibilities.


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