Custom-made lockers suitable for schools and offices

Still frequently found in schools and changing rooms, but also in other workplaces such as offices and universities: lockers. Door een modulaire opbouw en koppelbare delen zijn kluisjes en hun indeling net zo flexibel als het werken in een modern kantoor. Wanneer geen vaste eigen werkplek voorhanden is, is het prettig om een stukje persoonlijke opbergruimte te hebben. This is possible with lockers.

Interested in a customised solution?

Want to know how we can design a beautiful custom-made locker solution in your facility?

Range of lockers

In addition to standard sizes, our services also include customisation. Lockers are available in different compartment depths, heights and widths. We can do this because production of the lockers takes place entirely in our own factories in the Netherlands. Good communication is important here. Through good cooperation between the various production branches, but also through communication with you, the desired locker is created.

Chinks as long-term solutions

We focus our services on schools and businesses seeking quality solutions. Investing in lockers from The Locker Factory means investing in long-term efficiency, durability and security. The material of our products is of such a thickness that one can speak of ‘heavyduty’ and ‘hufterproof’ lockers and lockers. The dimensions of the housing can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Due to modular dimensions, the lockers are assembled as an assembled whole. Easy to deliver, install and adapt to your requirements and available space.