Lefier was created by the merger of three corporations: In (Groningen), Volksbelang (Hoogezand-Sappemeer) and Wooncom (Emmen, Borger-Odoorn, Stadskanaal). The corporation rents houses in the municipalities of Groningen, Midden-Groningen, Stadskanaal, Borger-Odoorn and Emmen. Lockers in combination with total furnishing, that’s what we are good at. For Lefier, we were allowed to furnish the office together with Vepa furniture. Making the lockers part of the furnishings creates quiet workplaces. By placing the lockers near your workplace, the possibility of storing your personal belongings is closer than the coffee machine.

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Type: Bricks
Item number: BE195-40-4ED and BE159-40-3ED
Colours: Pure white
Decoration: Light maple
Locking system: Vecos V1
Numbering: Olive oil
Version: Single-wall doors, interior work and Seat, Meet & Storage

Total furnishings with storage options?

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