Johannes Fontanus College


The Johannes Fontanus College came with a special request, lockers in a round arrangement. One of the many possibilities with the Bricks locker concept. Placing the setups in a radius creates fine seating and working areas in the curve. Besides these setups, we have also been able to supply a large number of regular setups. All configurations have side walls of 36 mm chipboard melamine in a maple decor. For the lower setups, the roofs and rear sides are also panelled in this decor. In 2 phases, we delivered a total of 2,303 compartments for the JFC.

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Type: Bricks
Item number: BE195-35-5DD, BE159-35-4DD and BE123-35-3DD
Steel colours: Bright white and Graphite metallic
Decoration: 36 mm light maple
Locking system: Vecos V1
Numbering: Per column
Versions: Seat, Meet & Storage and round configurations

Seat Meat & Storage

Our Seat, Meet & Storage concept fits in perfectly with the current trend of using spaces flexibly. In this modular concept, we combine our lockers with other furniture from the Fair Furniture Group, such as chairs, tables, lounge sofas and footstools. In this way, we turn every learning square, canteen and auditorium into a locker room or every locker room into an orderly dynamic work, lunch and meeting area.

Because of the wide choice, we always come up with a suitable furnishing with storage space for every room, thus creating a unique furniture landscape that optimally fits any office, care or educational environment.

Also looking for special set-ups?

We will be happy to inform you about these and other set-up methods.