Alberdingk Thijm College


Alberdingk Thijm College opted for a locker arrangement in combination with school furniture by Eromesmarko. The interior was designed by our own design studio and from the Seat, Meet & Storage concept they chose lockers with seating elements at the back and high workstations in line with the locker arrangements. They also chose to have the doors in neutral stripes, giving the arrangements just a little more dynamism. The 596 locker compartments delivered are all equipped with the Vecos V1 locking system.

#lane patterns #interiordesign #DeLockerfabriek #Vecos #leatherlockers #roomdividers #smartlockers


Type: Bricks
Article number: BE195-30-5DD & BE123-30-3DD
Steel colours: Silver grey
Locking system: Vecos V1
Version: Seat, Meet & Storage

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