In short

Fair for people, society and the planet, that is the foundation of our business, in which we work together with our people towards a future-proof economy. You see, we cherish the world around us. The craftsmen in our factory, the people in the office: all of us are consciously committed to making this world a better place. That is simply part of us. We want to be a leader in our industry with clean, sustainable and circular products for a better environment. Making a difference in our community, that is what matters to us. For young people, for students of the local vocational school, for the NLdoet charity, for the clients and volunteers of the Voedselbank. Every person matters! Every person counts!

A fair furniture company

De Lockerfabriek is part of the Fair Furniture Group, a family of like-minded brands with a common ambition: to constantly strive for new circular and sustainable solutions. With seven brands and more than 450 employees we can make anything: from innovative raw materials to complete furnishings. Smart ideas come to life in our local factories in the Dutch cities of Hoogeveen, Emmen, Wijchen and Breda. We want to lead the way and aim for sustainability throughout the entire process: from raw materials to product return and recycling. A long life span, modular design and taking a proactive approach to improve the working and social environment are also part of our ambition.

We transport the lockers ourselves and our trucks meet the strictest emission requirements. We also plan as efficiently as possible and take our sustainable packaging materials back with us for reuse next time.

Together we complete the circle

We want to be leaders in sustainability, circularity and social entrepreneurship. This includes reusing residual materials, developing new furniture from bio materials, using sustainable energy, cooperating in the production chain and putting people first. We have come a long way, but we are not there yet. Only together with others can we complete the circles.

Don't talk - just do

Our aim is to improve every day To lead the way in all aspects of corporate social responsibility. And to reduce our CO2-footpint. Not in 2030 or 2050 but right now. We start with science and closely follow the latest developments. As soon a new energy source, material or technique presents itself, we start looking for applications. Like, for instance, with hemp and roadside grass. But also with the recycling of PET bottles.

Our lockers are made of as few different materials as possible. They are also modular and made of raw materials that are easy to reuse or recycle.

We are honest and transparent

We are 100% transparent in our sustainability goals. We do not pretend to be better than we are, we share our results and are open about our processes and the materials we use. In our factories, we regularly show people around who are interested in our products and the way we work. Everyone is welcome!

The steel used for our lockers is on average at least 85% recycled and 100% recyclable. Our wooden lockers are made of sustainable certified wood. Both products have a modular design, making it easy to replace individual components.

Sustainable production

Fossil raw materials are depleting and their extraction has a major impact on our planet. As a group, we believe that using renewable resources, reusing discarded furniture or using recycled materials, always comes before using fossil raw materials. So that is what we do. We are committed to reuse, value-preservation and waste reduction. We figure out circular solutions for our residual material and other people’s waste. That way, we make sure that eventually there is no waste left. We do this because, for us, there really is no other way. We only have one planet Earth. We have to take care of it.

Our production sites are not only eco friendly and virtually waste-free, but also contribute to the local economy and employment in the Netherlands. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and comply with the ISO 26000 guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Only local

Our furniture is produced entirely in our factories in the Netherlands. This means we manufacture close to our sales market. Our raw material suppliers are also always located in the region. Whenever possible, we choose Dutch suppliers. When that is not an option, we go for suppliers from Western Europe. As a result, we keep control and know for sure that the people who supply our raw materials have good working conditions. And we can guarantee that OECD and ILO guidelines as well as environmental laws are enforced at their companies. Opting for local also limits the distance between our suppliers, our production sites and our sales market. This way, we save both time and the environment.

Thanks to our Western European raw material suppliers, all-Dutch production and minimal transport, we can save up to 30-40% in carbon emissions compared to products that are produced further away.

Thinking about others

For us, corporate social responsibility is not something we just do on the side. It is the way we work. Every day we give it all we’ve got for our customers. But we cannot separate this from what is happening around us. Social return is anchored within our company, for example in the cooperation with various practical schools and Maram education They support young people who are stuck in current educational systems, we offer them a learning and working place.

We dig deep

Environmental impact, circularity and health: we want to get to the bottom of things. That is why we are constantly assessing and researching together with education and science:

  • • first, we check whether a certain new raw material or technology is sustainable according to our strict sustainability criteria;
  • then we calculate the environmental impact and only then we will insert it in our production.

As a result, we can show our customers the exact material composition, the origin of the raw materials and the environmental impact of each product. The numbers tell the tale!

We are constantly developing new sustainable solutions for our products, focusing on a long life span and efficient application of locking systems sluitsystemen.