Fair Furniture Group

As the name suggests, fair business practices with respect to people, society and the earth are at the forefront for the manufacturers of the Fair Furniture Group.

Our sustainable products are made entirely in the Netherlands, with a warm heart for people and an eye for a healthy future. All of us, from the craftsmen in the factories to the men and women in the offices, work consciously on this every day.

In this way, we contribute to our immediate environment by providing learning and working places for pupils from various practical schools, initiatives such as NLdoet and a collaboration with the food bank.

We think this is fair:

We are a Dutch family business where continuity comes before profit
We produce everything in our own factories in the Netherlands
We employ 92% of our staff on a permanent basis
We let our employees share in the profits
We take social responsibility not only for our employees, but also for others outside our company
We offer apprenticeships to precisely those students who would otherwise not be able to find an internship quickly
We open our factory to interested parties
We do not have anything made elsewhere in the world at lower wages
We produce sustainably and are 100% honest about this to the outside world
We do not create waste but use our residual material for new products
We buy our raw materials locally and in Western Europe
We design our products in a circular way
We let our people learn and focus on vitality and sustainable employability
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