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The right locker for every environment


Our lockers are well suited for intensive use in any educational environment. Equipped with a double door, our lockers can handle any scholar. Very robust, yet subtle.

Sustainably produced in the Netherlands

All of De Lockerfabriek's products are 100% produced in the Netherlands. Thus, we create jobs with the best imaginable working conditions, we are extremely flexible and responsive. We are happy to open our doors to show you how your products are manufactured.

For every environment a lockersolution

Dutch Lockers from our own Factory

The right locker for every environment

De Lockerfabriek is the locker specialist within the Fair Furniture Group. We have the right locker for every environment. Whether it’s a university, office, gym or healthcare institution. Every environment has different specific requirements and needs regarding personal storage. Because we produce our lockers entirely in-house in our factories in the Netherlands, we can adapt quickly and provide excellent support for the efficient and customer-friendly organisation of personal storage.

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100% produced in the Netherlands

All of De Lockerfabriek’s products are manufactured in the Netherlands. We envision, design, produce, assemble, organise and sell the lockers from our locations in Wijchen, Emmen and Hoogeveen. By doing so, we create local jobs, are extremely flexible and can respond quickly to changing market demand. On top of that, we can keep transport to a minimum because we produce in the Netherlands. This is how we limit our carbon footprint. Sea transport is not necessary and by using an efficient planning system, the distance from our production sites to the end user is minimal.

We don't always choose the easiest way, but the best solution.

We are more than happy to show you our production process and invite you to come and see how the ordered items are made. See you soon? Make an appointment.

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Sustainable production without waste?

We do not create waste but use our residual materials for new products, components and home decoration by ZOOI. We also look for solutions for the waste of others. This way, we make sure that as little as possible ends up as waste. The wood we use for the manufacturing of our lockers is harvested locally and sustainably. We work exclusively with certified wood, often sourced from Germany, Belgium, and Austria. Obviously, we do not throw away wood scraps left over from production. Right down to the last piece we use it as the basis for new furniture, for example for our Seat, Meet & Storage items. Whatever remains after that, is shredded and used to make new panels.

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